The people of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam want to be re-elected for this reason.

With the outcome of the U.S. presidential election at stake, the BBC reported on Oct. 31 that people in Asian countries and regions such as Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong, all threatened by China, are hoping for a smooth re-election of incumbent President Donald Trump so that he can continue to deal with China’s communist government.

Sanctions on Chinese firms impress Taiwanese

Trump has impressed Taiwan by initiating a tariff war against China’s unfair trade practices and imposing sanctions on Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE that endanger national security. Victor Lin, an employee of E-Commerce Inc. Victor Lin, said Trump has given Taiwan more confidence in the military and trade, including that the two governments are moving toward a bilateral trade agreement to help Taiwan move away from its dependence on China and that “we have a big brother we can count on”. Conversely, Biden, who has always advocated dealings with China, is unlikely to be so aggressive with Taiwan once he faces Beijing’s wrath on the issue.

Hong Kongers switch to support Trump in the face of Chinese tyranny

As Hong Kong is being gradually eroded by the tyrannical rule of the Chinese Communist Party, Erica Yuen, who used to support the Democratic Party in the United States, has changed her support for Trump, as have many Hong Kong people. Erica Yuen, who has been supporting the Democratic Party in the United States, has switched her support to Trump, like many Hong Kong people, saying that the only hope for protesters in Hong Kong is for the United States to elect “a president who can hit the Chinese Communist Party hard”. The biggest difference between the two is that the Trump administration was the first to expose how the Chinese Communist Party was hurting the world, she said. As for the U.S.-China rivalry that is bound to be harmful to Hong Kong, she said bluntly: “We are ready for short-term pain and we are willing to sacrifice.”

Japan needs to boldly confront China’s Trump

Although Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), and asked Japan to share more military spending for the U.S. military in Japan, Japan was once suspicious of it, but the real name Yoko Ishii (Yoko Ishii, transliteration) of the Japanese YouTube Redditor Random Yoko that, when Chinese warplanes and ships frequently invade the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyutai Islands), “we really need a U.S. President can boldly confront China,” except for Trump, no one is so strong and outspoken against China, “this is, after all, our national security”.

Kawakami can solve Vietnam’s fear of “China threat”!

Vietnam is still very afraid of the “Chinese threat” so far, Vietnamese journalist Linh Nguyen said, local supporters of Trump is divided into two factions, one purely like Trump’s entertainment and charisma, the other is a die-hard “Trump fans”, that the Trump administration is The only bulwark against China and the Vietnamese Communist Party.Political dissidents such as Nguyen Vinh Huu also believe that only someone as reckless and almost provocative as Trump can bring about change, which is what sets Trump apart from his predecessor as U.S. president, and “it takes someone like that to get over with China.”