The Spiritual War Behind the Witch’s Curse on Trump

As the countdown to the U.S. presidential election begins, the news that thousands of witches are gathering online to prepare to curse Trump’s defeat as the Biden and Son email scandal continues to unravel with new content is overwhelming. To many Chinese, it seemed like a farce from a Hollywood magic movie. In fact, a real spiritual war is taking place.

A few days ago, many media outlets forwarded a story in the British newspaper The Sun that the “Bind Trump” Facebook group of more than 6,000 witches is conducting a tandem activity, claiming that they will take advantage of the rare “double full moon day” this month to bring a “double full moon”. Extra magic was cast in preparation for the spell on Halloween, October 31, and collectively on November 2, to defeat Trump in the November 3 election. The witches are claiming that this is the largest “Blue Wave” spell campaign to date.

Today is the 31st of Halloween, and the witches must be in the midst of their campaign to curse Trump. Will they be able to do what they want? I don’t think the answer has to wait for the election results.

Witches also had curses in action before the 2016 election and Trump was still elected. The witches were not happy, and they actually didn’t stop cursing during the four years of Trump’s administration. Almost every time he was attacked by his political opponents, such as the impeachment investigation, the witches, as if they had been ordered, cooperated with the anti-Trump faction to carry out a collective curse. One of the first curses known to the world took place on February 24, 2017. The “Bind Trump” Facebook page called for witches from around the world, as well as people who hate Trump, to put a curse on him that evening, with some of the witches gathering outside the Trump Tower to cast the curse, while others were at home to do so. They uploaded photos of the curse ceremony to Facebook to share. This curse is very typical and knowing what happened during this curse will help a lot with the witch curse attack today and beyond.

The Witch’s Curse took place on the evening of Friday, February 24, 2017, because it was the “Day of the Remnant Moon Festival” in the western witch world, which is said to be the day when their magic is at its most powerful. The witches arranged that this collective spell on Trump would take place on each of the following “Remnant Moon Rituals” until the spell worked and Trump left the White House. They also reminded everyone to look forward to June 21, a magic ceremony, because that day is also the summer solstice, they generally believe that day the most powerful effect. As it turned out, as you can see, the dark magic could not defeat Trump.

On the 22nd of this month, the witches cast another spell using the “Day of the Remnant Moon Festival”, and Trump came out of the debate with Biden unscathed. Although it has been proven time and again that the witches felt that the mystical power they received during the spell could not defeat Trump, it did not stop them from changing the terminology and performing new curses, and on Halloween, October 31, 2020, the witches are certainly not giving up on this western spooky holiday, and have switched to the “Double Full Moon Day” extra spell of self-encouragement. Expect to be blessed with even more dark powers.

As part of the occult world, the life of a witch seems irrelevant to secular politics, so why try to use occult forces to interfere in an American election? They won’t stop until they get what they want, and they’ve spared no effort to promote anti-Trump on social media. In the 2017 Facebook campaign, they presented a detailed method of cursing. For those who are tempted to develop their own internal “potential,” the witches also give a handy “quick fix”. The whole modus operandi is very common in Satanism. The Chinese mainland party media, Globes, was very happy about this, and reported it extensively, with a detailed graphic introduction. Presumably, it wanted mainland pinkies to try it out.

In response to the witches’ magical actions, traditional Christians, Catholics and others responded by intensifying their prayers for Trump. In response to the 2-24 Witch Curse Trump action in 2017, the Christian Nationalist Coalition ( has declared directly that we will fight back with prayer. They believe that Trump is representing their power to take the country back from the Satanic left and atheistic demons. And the Satanists oppose Trump as president. Trump’s anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage rhetoric and actions in keeping with traditional American culture have offended Satan-submissive libertarians, including dirty feminists who accept Satan’s teachings. Author Kevin Ambrose says: Their magical attacks on God’s followers and servants are nothing new, but their attempts to enlist the help of non-religious liberals stand out. Due to the media’s incessant attacks on Trump, many young people will be influenced and outraged and become fertile ground for Satanic groups.

Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was largely the result of hearing the voices of the silent majority of the American people. For the past decade, the Democratic left has dominated the conversation, and the dishonest mainstream media did its best to convince the traditional American people that they themselves were a pathetic minority and could not win. But they won, and Trump became president on their behalf. They believe God is in American life to make the country right the wrongs of the past decades. Traditionalists pray for Trump, for the nation, and for America to be righteous again. This prayer has become an important part of their daily prayers. The more severe the attacks on Trump, the more they see Satan’s madness and the more they will not relent.

The witches, no matter how much they create alarmist rhetoric, have become commonplace, or dismissive, to the hardcore Kawakami. That Trump is God’s Chosen Son has long been known in religious circles. Mark Taylor’s revelation of God’s revelation to him, with the election of Trump and the practice of it, many of those prophecies have been fulfilled. There were other high prophets who predicted that Trump would win. Recently, Dr. Wernau, a missionary who is considered a prophet, has spoken again: God sent the archangel Michael down to help Trump defeat Satan. All of this is so that those who truly believe in God will support Trump according to God’s will. On the issue of supporting and opposing Trump’s re-election, in the eyes of theological circles, it is no longer a simple personnel change, but a war between good and evil, a war between God and the devil.

In fact, the issue of what America calls the tearing apart of race is essentially an issue of cultural-spiritual conflict, fundamentally a war of spirit, a war of faith.

The witches have come back again and again, which shows how frightened Trump is by the dark forces, and also proves that Trump is blessed by God and unharmed. The repeated defeat of the witches and the fulfillment of the prophecy of God about Trump are enough to make more people think about judging what is true and what is false, good and what is evil. In particular, when the scandal of Biden and his sons came to light, the witches still cursed Trump as usual and tried to help Biden get elected, a phenomenon that will also make many people think about the relationship between the Satanic left and the far left of the Democratic Party. In the face of reality, many people who hold traditional feelings in support of the Democrats will awaken to their conscience. This is exactly what is happening today.

In the Christian story, Satan is a fallen angel, condemned to hell by God. He brings evil forces with him and tries to destroy mankind. The witches’ demons and evil spells are nothing more than power from Satan, and the fight with Trump is actually a fight with the God behind Trump, won? It can’t be won.

There is a rule in oriental evil arts that once a person who casts evil spells is defeated by the righteous spell, it will certainly turn on him. There is an old Chinese saying, “He who does it will die”, which refers to this situation. So it seems that the real danger is probably these witches who want to do something about the fate of Trump.

Let’s wait and see what the future holds for Trump!