Doing so will ruin your child step by step

To destroy your child, the first thing you should do is to destroy the child’s self-esteem, the child will be reduced to a humble position, the specific methods are as follows:

1, let the child feel that he can not do anything, no one appreciates him

For example, not learning, not looking good, not socializing, not doing housework, sloppy, careless, let the family suffer for him …… in short, he has no place to go.

2, often take than his “line” people to stimulate him

For example, this kind of words should always hang on the mouth: “Look at people x x, never let parents worry!” This kind of words are the most powerful and destructive, is the Trump card to ruin the child’s speech.

  1. Parents shape themselves into the image of family sacrifice

This will make the child feel guilty. And a person with a sense of guilt often adopts the method of self-loathing through life. Examples of specific methods are as follows: often tell your child that since you have him, you have not even seen a movie, you worry about him, are tired of being sick, it is best to say again specifically which disease in your body is due to him, or that if not to take care of him, they would have had a big career.

4, and the child must speak in a commanding tone

The tone must not be amiable, must not use a consultative tone, must make the volume reach 70 decibels or more, must use a commanding tone. If you can also use some sarcastic Chinese phrases, it will be more effective, such as “you are so stupid”, “you are mixed”, “I have never seen you so stupid”, ” How did you give birth to such a thing” and so on.

5, do not give your child freedom

The child’s everything to be decided by you, do not give him a little freedom, his whereabouts you have to closely monitor. If you have a diary, you must try to check it; if he has letters, you must review them. Doing so will create in him the feeling that he is not a human being, that he is a puppet to be manipulated. A person who doubts that he is not a human being is never likely to rise to the occasion.

6, to learn the ability to relocate anger

The unit encountered unhappy things, come back to find reasons to throw dog blood on the child. Whatever the matter is attributed to the child’s fault then lecture him and stop him from shedding tears. This can effectively combat the child’s self-esteem and enhance the child’s sense of inferiority, which can likewise cause him not to feel human.

7, make a fool of your child in public

The first 6 are “single practice” in the family. To really destroy him completely, this seventh is the killer. You must be in front of outsiders (or classmates or friends and relatives or neighbors) to undermine him, deride him, so that he can not be embarrassed. From a psychological point of view, this can make a person fear of society and generate the idea of self-abasement. And a fear of society and self-abasement is very difficult to stand in society.

You have mastered the above 7, you can basically ruin their children. Of course, you must also continue to sum up the experience in practice, so that the use of comfortable, so that your child will be completely ruined, so that he has nothing to do for life.