Australia’s prime minister rejects the “Great Reconfiguration”, saying “we don’t need it”

According to several Western media reports, since the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus, the global power elite has used the World Economic Forum (WEF) to launch The Global Reset in an attempt to advance the socialist agenda globally.

The theme of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2021 will be “The Global Reset”. Back in late November 2020, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison accepted the Grotius Prize from the Policy Exchange, a British think tank. Grotius Prize from the British think tank Policy Exchange, said Australia rejected the Great Reconfiguration and said “we don’t need it.

Morrison said, “The recession (caused by the epidemic) is not a product of the failure of world capitalism or liberal, free-market-based values.”

He denied that Australia needed to “reset” its values or “reset” its economic agenda among like-minded liberal democracies.

“…… In fact, it was democratic values that provided the platform for the greatest period of peace and prosperity the world has ever known and the foundation for the global institutions that helped sustain it,” he said, “and it is these democratic values that are now driving our economic recovery. these democratic values that are driving our economic recovery out of the recession caused by the plague epidemic.”

He sees these democratic values as the best way for Australia to pursue both greater economic inclusion and poverty reduction, as well as to address issues as diverse as the environment, climate, combating transnational crime, and extremism.

He makes it clear: “We don’t need to ‘reset’ our economic agenda, we just need to get on with it.”

He argues that a market-based liberal democracy with a health and welfare safety net remains the best model of government.

What is the “Great Reconfiguration” of the World Economic Forum initiative?
The World Economic Forum asserts that the world needs to take drastic measures to deal with the social and economic problems caused by the global plague and avoid what it claims is “the worst recession since the 1930s.”

“Every country, from the United States to China, must be involved, and every industry, from oil and gas to high-tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘great reconfiguration’ of capitalism.” The World Economic Forum says on its website.

The third priority on the “Great Reconfiguration” agenda is the complete shift of the New World Order to a digital-based fourth industrial revolution, in which every country needs to build a digital infrastructure for its economy and public services.

Last November, Australian Senator Pauline Hanson, leader of Australia’s federal One Nation Party, issued a press release saying that the World Economic Forum was urging “the transformation of all aspects of our society and economy.

“It is totally unacceptable to use epidemics as a pretext to subvert the order of life, to push an agenda of control and to interfere with the social systems of the world” and “this so-called restructuring is absolute garbage. We should take a stand and stay out of it to protect Australians and our way of life.” She said.

Hanson reminded Parliament that the “Great Reconfiguration” policy would undermine the economic well-being and personal freedoms of Australians.