Disarm the three fools and keep them under close guard.

Republican Congressman Cruz called out the presidents of the three major multinational social networks: Google, Facebook, and Twitter on the Congressional Network, questioning why they squashed the Biden and Son scandal.

The three stammered answers: because it’s unconfirmed. Cruz asked: Why did you choose to open the middle door wide when much of the information that has been consistently unfavorable to Trump is also unconfirmed? Is it a double standard and suppression of free speech in America? It’s just a platform to censor speech based on your own prejudices.

The Big Three are tongue-tied. Indeed, since it’s called social media, and not the 200-year-old Times, the internet generation, of course, can spread any garbage without proof: there’s a tunnel in the Antarctic that’s a black hole in time, Obama is the Lizard Man, and a 400-year-old alien is employed by Area 51 in Arizona to lead scientific research for the US Department of Defense. All of these are unconfirmed and unproven, and have been circulating on the Internet for years.

Totalitarian forces hostile to the free world have immediately exploited it, spreading disinformation, interfering in elections, and planning the destruction of Western civilization. The Internet was invented by the West, and it is you who are guilty of indulging yourself in a fantasy world of your own invention, such as the hippies indulging in marijuana, and then in the biological chain of the Darwinian world, where the next generation of the United States, the media and the intelligentsia, and the entire White House become fodder and refreshments for the dark forces of foreign nations.

The three so-called hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth of young talent, Cruz declared, usually the spirit, in front of the senior Republican politicians, are like a wrongdoing schoolchildren meet the director of training, obediently accept reprimand, you know this generation of so-called opinion leaders, the immaturity of the mind.

The CEO of Twitter, called Dulce, was born in Missouri, Italian ethnicity, Catholic family, there was no matter, but once in California to learn bad: later dive into the deep mountains of Asia meditation, went to Burma alone to retreat, appeared in Congress, with a long beard, the Middle East costume, live like Osama bin Laden in the world. Originally clear eyebrows, features is a layer of thieves gas.

Plus, Jukebox is married to a Chinese wife. These young tycoons control 70% to 80% of the wealth of the new American generation, but also control the world’s next generation of ideas. If one of them joins Satanism and uses his doctrine as the standard for censorship and publishing in his social media kingdom, the entire United States and the West will be finished.

But America’s enemies are fast and furious: such information on the Internet must be nationalized, no matter how many billions of dollars the CEO has, how many mansions he owns in Los Angeles and London, how many lectures he gives on the journeys of successful people, or how many entrepreneurial idols he sells.

The United States Constitution and its guarantee of private property, can it be done? The golden power of the American generation is not in the hands of the Rockefeller generation. Even the Jews, even as greedy as Kissinger, were at least religious. This generation is different, just a bunch of kids, manipulating too much money for too little, and full of elite intellectual arrogance that must disarm all their toys along with their Monopoly game money props.