Trump’s election is gaining momentum and the Democrats are showing signs of panic.

Trump’s last rally tonight was held in Rochester, Minnesota, where Governor Tim Walz did his best to stop the rally, using the excuse of new coronary pneumonia, and only 250 people were allowed to attend. ? The atmosphere in the arena was not what it used to be, but Trump was clearly very angry. The Democrats obviously, Biden’s “voter meeting” each time only a couple of hundred people at most, so they want to limit Trump can only so many people. They have long been displeased with the large number of people at Trump’s rally, and the enthusiasm of the crowd, so they used this way to stifle him.

Trump also went to Michigan today, Trump last time only won by 0.23% over Hillary, this time Michigan’s support is more solid, because Trump’s trade policy has made the “Motor City”, which has not had a new auto factory for more than 40 years, set up a new auto factory for the first time, and heard many Democrats worry that even the unions there are open. Keep your distance from the Democrats.

Trump also went to Wisconsin today, where he also won the last time by only 0.77, and today Brett Favre, once the most famous player (quarterback) of the local football team, the Green Bay Packers, took to Twitter to announce his support for Trump’s re-election, saying that Trump shares his beliefs, including freedom of speech, making America great, and more. Trump is currently unstoppable, and today another hockey superstar, Bobby Orr, who is also a Hall of Famer, made the same announcement, taking out full-page newspaper ads with local union leaders saying that he never supported either candidate, but that he now fears for the future of America, the America he wants his grandchildren to recognize. (He was born in Canada, but settled in the U.S. His wife is a U.S. citizen.) Another golf superstar, Jack Nicklaus, announced on Twitter yesterday that he supports Trump’s re-election, although he is an old friend of Trump and often plays golf together, but you know that in the past so many years few celebrities dared to come out in support of Trump, because they must be besieged by the media and leftist netizens, and now they have come out one by one, proving that now support Trump is the trend, and we are not afraid anymore.

In the next three days, Trump lined up 14 momentum-building meetings, which made me think back to the 2016 election, and he ended up sprinting like that. It’s like running a marathon, except you have to have staying power, but you also have to have the stamina to do the final sprint.

It doesn’t really have to be a momentum-building rally, the American people have taken to the streets in action over the past few months to show their support, with many spontaneous gatherings starting as early as July, but little media coverage. It’s these images that have been making Democratic supporters nervous lately. The images have come from New York, Beverly Hills, California, San Diego, Orange County, Portland, Oregon, and Myamey.

The Trafalgar Group, the only polling firm that thought Trump would win before the 2016 election, is again predicting that Trump will easily win the 2020 election.

The last time the company successfully predicted that Trump would win three important swing states: Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, this time the company’s chairman Robert Cahaly said that Trump’s lead in these states is more obvious. He said there are a lot of “shy” Trump supporters who don’t tell the truth to polling companies.

He pointed out that there are three groups whose attitudes will be key: blacks, Spanish-speaking people, and young people, who used to be the Democratic Party’s hard-core vote, but whose support for Trump rose from 8 percent in the last election to more than 20 percent among blacks. The Hispanic community’s support ranged from 30 to 45 percent in different states, especially in Florida, where the percentage was higher. Just a 10 percent difference in the voting attitudes of these ethnic groups can affect the outcome of elections across the state. He sees even more variation among young people, drawn in part by Kawakami’s energy, but also because they are tired of the new coronary pneumonia news. In the past, youth turnout has been extremely low, but this time around 7.8 million young people (ages 18-29) had already voted by yesterday.

But the Trafalgar poll has already drawn attacks from other polling companies and the media for the way he conducted the survey. Other media outlets are predicting a significant lead for Biden, with one widely quoted FiveThirtyEight even predicting only an 11% chance for Trump to win the general election, (which is close to what they predicted in 2016, so clearly they still haven’t learned their lesson.) The Democrats have an even better 77% chance of capturing the Senate majority and 98% remaining in control of the House.

Despite what the leftist media says, the Democrats are showing signs of panic these days, and they know these polls can’t be trusted. Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore issued a warning yesterday not to believe the current polls, he said he saw the enthusiasm of Trump supporters, he said “do not believe those polls, Trump supporters do not trust the polling companies, do not tell them the truth, no matter how much Biden lead, at least cut in half, plus a 4% error, that would show that this poll is How close.”

That Biden, who does one day off and two days off, is actually running three swing states today: Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, which also shows the Democrats are panicking. Wisconsin used to be a Democratic base, and Minnesota hasn’t voted Republican in 48 years, showing that he’s going to save these states from decay. The other day the Democrats also arranged for him to go to Georgia and boasted that the Democrats could bag Texas and Georgia this time.

Mainstream polling is inaccurate because the traditional way of polling is outdated. On the one hand, they are intentionally using more Democrats as polling samples, and on the other hand, the telephone surveys are concentrated in metropolitan areas, where they tend to be consistent and don’t really get the American people. Even in swing states, the last time you looked at the map of swing states, they were all red, with only a few populous municipalities in blue. So even when you do polling in swing states, you can’t poll just a few densely populated municipalities.

Robert Cahaly says their approach to polling is different because they send people around to get closer to the people. He cites the example of when they went to a bar in Minnesota during the presidential and vice presidential televised debates and saw the various ethnic groups unanimously cheering for Trump and Pence, and he saw the signs.

These two days, CNN and other moderators have not been in the past, they are only doing the plan to lose the election, on the other hand, some leftist groups issued a threat, in case Trump is re-elected, to prepare for street fight, when the street violence will be serious over the previous months of smash and burn images.