Trump: I will continue to provide security, prosperity and opportunity for all Americans

On October 30, President Donald Trump published an article on Fox News urging voters to re-elect him and that he will continue to provide security, prosperity and opportunity for all Americans. Below is a translation of the original article.

Four years ago, Americans elected me president so I could go to Washington, drain the swamp and deliver real results for them. Now, they have a choice: continue the record of prosperity my administration has delivered, or return to the old Washington status quo, where the political elite made themselves rich at the expense of hard-working Americans across the country.

My administration has brought security, prosperity, and opportunity to all Americans over the past four years by delivering on its promises and implementing an America First agenda that supports working people and their families.

In this election, the American people deserve more than what Biden has been able to deliver. After eight disastrous years of Obama-Biden chaos, America deserves to enjoy eight full years of growth and economic prosperity under my administration.

During my first three years in office, America added more than 7 million new jobs, including more than 500,000 in the manufacturing sector. During that time, nearly 6.6 million Americans were lifted out of poverty, including nearly 2.8 million children.

In the first few months of my first year in office, I signed middle-class tax cuts into law, and as a direct result, the average American family of four saved $2,000. I also eliminated former President Barack Obama’s health care tax, Obamacare’s mandatory individual purchase of health insurance provision, a move that relieved an additional burden on millions of American families.

My administration’s policies have enabled the United States to recover quickly from an unforeseen and unprecedented pandemic emanating from China. Despite the challenges posed by the Chinese virus, we are doing everything we can to help hardworking Americans through these difficult times.

As a result of my emergency economic relief legislation, more than 159 million Americans received direct financial assistance during the epidemic. At the same time, our Wage Protection Program helped protect 51 million American jobs and provided more than $525 billion in forgivable loans to more than 5.2 million small businesses.

Thanks to our efforts and the tremendous economic momentum that existed before the pandemic, we are witnessing the fastest labor market recovery from an economic crisis in history. The U.S. economy grew at an annualized rate of 33.1 percent in the third quarter, another example of how the economy has exceeded expectations under my leadership. This is a new record for economic growth in a quarter, nearly doubling the record set 70 years ago.

Overall, our economy has regained 11.4 million jobs over the past five months, and the unemployment rate has been cut almost in half to 7.9 percent.

The greatest threat to our great American renaissance is a Joe Biden presidency. Biden ran on a platform that would have destroyed all of our economic progress. Having presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression as Vice President, Biden has already failed once in leading it.

Now he is campaigning on a $4 trillion tax hike – one of the largest in U.S. history – at a time when the economy is beginning to recover from a global pandemic.

In addition to Biden’s radical plan, he has not ruled out the possibility of shutting down the economy again, which would cause tremendous economic pain and long-term damage to the entire community and public health.

Joe Biden has publicly pledged to repeal my tax cuts for middle-income Americans, implement radical environmental regulations that would bring our domestic energy revolution to a screeching halt, and bring back Obama’s disastrous health care disaster.

Biden’s scare tactics extend to America’s seniors, making false claims about my record on Social Security – lies that have been debunked repeatedly. Biden is an advocate of cutting Social Security, while I have consistently promised to protect it.

On trade, Biden’s obsession with advancing China’s interests is an abandonment of our “America First” trade strategy, which has helped secure millions of new American jobs and our fantastic intellectual property.

Biden also made a clear threat to more than 10.3 million Americans in the final presidential debate when he vowed to eliminate the oil and gas industry.

This country has seen a politician like Biden before. He will give away American jobs to foreign countries, our future to viruses, and our country to the radical socialist left.

America has endured Biden’s leadership once before; it can’t afford to endure another.

As President, I pledge that as long as I am in the White House, I will defend the progress my administration has made over the past four years and build on our historic successes. And I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure that this great country prospers as never before.

As long as I am in office, America will rebound bigger and better than ever before. A vote for me is a vote for jobs, security, the rule of law, lower taxes, and protecting your Second Amendment and freedoms. Together, we’ll make America great again. We’ll make America rich again. We’ll make America great again.

Over the next four years, Americans deserve more.