Su Shi calls fish marriage love story — through the ages

“I wish people for a long time, Chan” is Su Shi “Shui Diao Tou” in the famous sentence, is the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also the world lovers wish. But for Su Shi, his life, his marriage, his love, is exactly contrary to it, good times did not last long. His wife, his wife and his concubine departed before him. Although the good times did not last long, Su Shi and his wife Wang Fu romantic marriage “call fish marriage”, leaving a story through the ages.

Su Shi “call fish marriage” through the ages

Su Shi (1036-1101 AD) in his life in the article, learning and calligraphy achievements, for the future generations of joy, his poems are often passed on, is a rare in the history of literature versatile.

At the age of nineteen (1054), Su Shi married Wang Fu (1039-1065), who was three years younger than him. She was the daughter of Wang Fang, his teacher at Zhongyan Academy (Qingshen County, Meishan, Sichuan). Two people become attached to each other in perfect condition, romantic index is no less than today, there is a “call fish marriage” through the ages.

Located in the Minjiang River side of the rock temple beautiful scenery, waves under the green pool waves. A school of fish is hidden in the green waves. Every time someone high-fives the pool, fish emerge from under the rocks. At that time, Wang Fang, the dean of Zhongyan Book, invited some literati to compete for the name of Lvtan. “Play fish pond”, “view fish pond” name is very common and plain, Su Shi finally show his title “call fish pond” let a person amazing. The beauty is not that, but that it continues to develop.

When the public exclaim, a servant girl sent a piece of red paper, written above the title – “call fish pond”, the three words seem to jump into the eyes of the public! Is not the heart has a rhinoceros, coincidental, rhyme into double bi! The owner of the red paper was none other than Wang Fang’s daughter, Wang Fu, who later became Su Shi’s wife.

The little window was dressing up

Su Shi and Wang Fu’s perfect match and the romantic movement in the legend. Later, it is said that Su Shi passed out drunk at the birthday banquet of his teacher, woke up and walked alone in the backyard garden. He passed through the small porch window of Wang Fu, the younger sister of his teacher, and saw her dressing in the mirror. And the teacher sister gentle, graceful, beautiful appearance reflected into Su Shi’s heart lake, ripples from love, he picked a bunch of flowers gently into the window.

Su Shi and Wang Fu married, this marriage was nicknamed “marriage called fish”, has become a legend through the ages. “Small Xuan window, is dressing up” this scene is in twenty years later, written into the Su Shi to Wang Fu’s last love letter — the mourning poem “Jiang Cheng Zi”.

Wang Fu’s father, Wang Fang, was a Gongjin scholar in Qingshen Township. Wang Fu was a good daughter, daughter-in-law and wife, but Su Shi did not know how extensive and deep Wang Fu’s knowledge was. After their marriage, they were very much in love with each other. Wang Fu often stayed in his study with Su Shi all day long. Su Shi gradually found that Wang Fu can connect the text content, and talent.

Behind the scenes to listen to it

Wang Fu and Su Shi feelings are very good not in words, she is younger than Su Shi, but in interpersonal relations, the ability to check people than Su Shi, often can give Su Shi very useful advice, became Su Shi’s right-hand man. Young Wang Fu was always careful of Su Shi’s friends. Su Shi go out, she is very careful of his whereabouts and communication, told him to stay away from the parents, not carelessly, said unexpectedly as Su Fu said. When guests came, Wang Fu would “listen behind the scenes”. Su Shi broad-mindedly unceremonially, treat people and things also do not fortify, wife Wang Fu is listening to the conversation of husband and visitor quietly after hall screen. Listen to his words, she can deeply fathom the guest’s mind, speculate its for the friendship of the pedestrian, and after the guests go careful analysis to Su Shi listen to, will also tell his advice Su Shi. The result is often exactly what he intended.

Ten years of life and death two boundless

The perfect romance between Su Shi and Wang Fu lasted only eleven years, but Wang Fu died of illness before he was thirty. Su Shi personally planted 30,000 pine trees at the top of the hill where Wang Fu’s tomb was buried to accompany her and mourn her.

Ten years later, Su Shi served in Michigan, one night in a dream to see his dead wife “Xiaoxuan window, is dressing up” appearance, wrote down the Que was praised as “the first mourning words” “Jiangchengzi” and the sequence “Yimao January 20 night record dream” :

Ten years of life and death two boundless. Never think, never forget. Thousands of miles of lonely grave, nowhere words desolate. Even if meet should not know, dust, temples such as frost.

The dream of returning home at night. Small window, dressing. Care speechless, only tears thousands of lines. Year after year, the moon night, short pine.

Nowhere words desolate, said to the bright moon night, short pine gang, will be a year with old people’s heartbreak.

Su Shi “former Chibi Ode” has a famous saying: “cover will be since its change and view of the world, then the world has not been in an instant; Viewed from the immutable, both things and I are infinite.” The love marriage of husband sing woman follow, to Su Shi, is a moment? Or endless?