Chen Dukong: China-Europe Investment Agreement: The ultimate version of contemporary appeasement

After seven years of long negotiations, the Sino-European investment agreement was scheduled to be concluded on December 22, 2020, but almost fell through due to the opposition of some EU member states, especially France’s stance; however, in a dramatic turnaround, it was announced on the last day of December. It is known that the key to the turnaround was the strong intervention of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping in the final stage.

On the Chinese side, presumably at Xi Jinping’s behest, the decision was made to verbally agree to two conditions proposed by France: a greater opening of China’s markets; and a suspension of the CCP’s forced labor in Xinjiang and its export of cotton fabrics. A verbal agreement is not difficult for the Chinese Communist Party, and Xi Jinping is so powerful that it is not a problem for him to say yes.

On the German side, besides the fact that Germany is the largest country and economy in the EU and has the most influence and say, Germany was holding the rotating EU presidency at the time. Merkel used her favorable position to finalize the matter on the last day of the German presidency.

Beijing, mindful of saving face, was reluctant to express the Xinjiang issue directly and instead used the words: “In the field of labor and environment, China is committed not to lower protection standards to attract investment, not to use labor and environmental standards for protectionist purposes, and to respect the international obligations undertaken in the relevant treaties. China will support enterprises in their corporate social responsibility. China is also committed to working towards the ratification of the remaining ILO fundamental conventions and has made specific commitments to the two fundamental ILO conventions on forced labor that it has not yet ratified.”

The bizarre phrase “commit to ratification” fully reveals the Chinese side’s passivity, reluctance, and cop-out, and its readiness to be slippery, exploit loopholes, and engage in a major delaying war to conceal the actual process, with no sincerity whatsoever in implementing the provisions on labor rights protection and the abolition of forced labor. This is of course the nature of the CCP, and it is also the usual technique of the CCP to deceive the United States and the West for the past 40 years or so. Only now, the Chinese Communist Party is trying to do the same thing to Europe again.

This is the reason for the rise of (communist) China and the decline of (democratic) America in the past decades. This is also the reason why Trump raised tariffs on Chinese goods and started a trade war with China during his presidency. Is it possible that the leaders of the European Union and Germany have nothing in mind in this situation? In fact, here is the problem, Germany or the EU is not in the dark, the problem lies mainly with Angela Merkel. This person is about to step down from her four terms as Chancellor of Germany, a total of 16 years, and is scheduled to retire this year, that is, in 2021. Merkel is not only using her last time as EU President, but also her last chance to leave her post as German Chancellor to risk finalizing the China-EU investment agreement with the Chinese Communist Party, seeking to leave a so-called political legacy for herself.

But what kind of political legacy is this? And what is the context of the times?

Internally, the Chinese Communist Party has built concentration camps in Xinjiang, throwing millions of Uighurs and Kazakhs into camps, repeating the atrocities of Nazi Germany in the last century; it has shredded the Sino-British Joint Declaration, smashed “one country, two systems”, smashed the “Pearl of the Orient”, and inflicted the same atrocities on Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party has been rapidly promoting state terrorism in Hong Kong by tearing up the Sino-British Joint Declaration, smashing “one country, two systems” and the “Pearl of the Orient”, and settling scores with the protesters. Externally, the Chinese Communist Party has threatened Taiwan, attacked India, bullying small countries around the South China Sea; never complied with the rules of the World Trade Organization and other international organizations, and massively stole intellectual property rights from developed countries such as the United States and Europe; since 2020, it has also spread a pandemic to the world by artificial concealment, blockade and fraud, hitting 191 countries hard… …

What Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have done is a challenge to the Chinese people as well as to the people of the world, challenging the bottom line of human civilization with the arrogance of “invincible dictatorship” and “invincible one-party dictatorship”. However, the outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarded the “investment agreement” with such a public enemy of mankind as her top priority and her political achievement and “political legacy”, her short-sightedness and eagerness for quick success is astonishing!

The Sino-European investment agreement, the ultimate version of contemporary appeasement, is even worse than that of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in the last century. The French government admits that the United States was the first to wake up in the face of today’s Communist China, and that Europe is waking up later than the United States, but is also waking up. In contrast, German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be one of the few exceptions.

Merkel’s final step before she leaves office, thinking it is her “masterstroke”, opens the door to Europe, opens the door to the wolves and draws them into the house. Merkel’s self-interest, rats’ eyes and appeasement exceeded Chamberlain’s by many times! And Merkel brought the future of Europe’s hidden problems and serious trauma, I do not know how many times that year Chamberlain brought Europe’s hidden problems and serious trauma!