To what extent is Israel powerful?

When it comes to Israel, such a small country has become a powerhouse in the Middle East in just a few decades and has no rivals in the region. People are always curious about this small country in the Middle East: on the one hand, because the Jewish people behind Israel has many amazing legends; on the other hand, because Israel is a country that has been accompanied by war since the day it was born.

Israel is located in the Middle East, with a land area of only 25,700 square kilometers, about the same size as China’s Hainan province, and more than half of the country is desert. Population just exceeded 9 million, north of Syria, south of Egypt interview, east of Jordan, west of the Mediterranean Sea, with the occasional terrorist attacks on neighboring countries, the country was founded at the beginning of the Middle East five countries have also been a joint attack, Israel’s geopolitical position can be called a seam.

In the seam to survive, there is only one way to be strong, the facts prove that Israel did rely on their own advantages to do, become the only power in the Middle East, one of the four Asian developed countries. Israel, which is resource-poor, recognizes that science and technology are the hard truths that make it a strong country, so science and technology research and development and defense spending are two of Israel’s largest expenditures, and they regard schools as the “second holiest place” in addition to churches. It is through this emphasis on knowledge and the hard work of Jewish scientists that Israel’s strength has grown from a military to an all-encompassing one.

The Israeli army is the only one in the Middle East with F-35 stealth fighter jets, which makes it an overwhelming force against all Middle Eastern countries. In addition, the TAR-21 rifle, the Uzi submachine gun, the ATMOS 2000 self-propelled artillery, the Merkava main battle tank, the Saar-5 frigate, etc., are all weapons that Israel has developed for its own needs through the valuable experience it has accumulated in many combat operations, some of which even enjoy a good reputation in the international arms market.

In the Al Jazeera report, the relevant parties to the Israeli armament analysis: its current 600,000 troops, 2,760 main battle tanks, 595 advanced warplanes; in addition, Israel has about 150 sets of mobile missile launchers, as well as nearly two years caused by the hot trend of the “Iron Dome” defense system, several conventional submarines and dozens of various types of ships composed of naval fleet.

This equipment armed Israel to the teeth, the Jewish people in the Middle East will be well protected, so that wandering thousands of years of Jewish guardians have the ability to guard this hard-won common home.

A strong military force is a guarantee of national security, but one cannot survive without food and drink. More than half of Israel is desert, with only 271 cubic meters of water available per capita, where water is more precious than gold. It is such a harsh environment forced them to agriculture as the second focus of development, drip irrigation water-saving technology is the Israeli invention, through a small pipe straight through the crop roots, unified water supply, to prevent water evaporation, greatly save drinking water. At the same time, Israel and Singapore, with developed desalination technology, the seawater through multi-stage flash evaporation, multi-effective evaporation, reverse osmosis to remove excess salts and minerals in the water to get fresh water, which greatly alleviates the per capita water shortage.

In addition to being militarily and technologically powerful, Israel’s economy is also well developed. Countries in the Middle East earn large amounts of foreign exchange by selling oil, and Israel is no exception, but Israel is not satisfied with oil as a single means of economic gain, through strong support for scientific and technological research and development, Israel is also at the forefront of the world in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, genetic research, etc., which allows it to export drugs to earn huge amounts of income.In 2019, Israel’s GDP was $389.27 billion, and per capita GDP over $40,000,000, greatly securing huge investments in technology R&D.


Israel’s powerful is comprehensive powerful, is its external environment, political environment and its own internal thirst for knowledge, talent and attention to the interaction of the powerful, coupled with the United States in Israel behind the support, which makes Israel become the Middle East “small tyrant”.