Over 55 per cent of the votes were cast in a landslide socialist victory, highly commended by the United Nations.

Today only the United States is the only country in the world that frequently intervenes in the internal affairs of other countries, and South America’s special geographical location is considered by the United States as its own backyard, almost all South American countries face the constraints of the United States, and the stubbornly resistant Bolivia was also intervened by the United States in 2019, leading to the forced ouster of Morales, who served as president for nearly 14 years, but even so the plans of the United States to intervene in Bolivia’s internal affairs continue It did not work. The presidential election originally planned for May was postponed because it was in the midst of an epidemic, and it was decided to hold the election on October 18.

Bolivian elections, a landslide socialist victory

The results of the Bolivian elections have been announced, and Arce, from the Socialist Party, has been elected President of Bolivia with 55% of the vote. The election was not only a complete defeat for the US government’s interventionist plans, but also an overwhelming victory for Bolivian socialism.

Morales, the socialist president who stepped down in November 2019, was wanted in his own country under a joint plan by the Bolivian opposition and the U.S., and eventually had to embark on a nearly year-long exile abroad. One of the first things Luis did after his victory was to clear Morales’ name by dropping all charges against him, which meant that the exiled Morales would be able to return to Bolivia.

After winning the election, Luis also took to social media to make a promise to the Bolivian people that he would “lead them to a better future and rebuild peace.

High praise from the United Nations: democratic accountability and respect for human rights

Compared to 2019, when Morales was forced to step down under pressure from the military, this presidential election went much more smoothly, with a whopping 88% participation and 55% of the Socialist Party’s vote meaning that Luis had the trust of the people and the Bolivian opposition knew full well that the situation had already shifted, and there was no more resistance to the result.

The victory is not only a victory for the Bolivian socialists, but also for the Bolivian people. In this regard, the Secretary-General of the United Nations said that the Bolivian elections were not only a demonstration of a high degree of democratic responsibility and respect for human rights, but also a positive sign for the future of the Bolivian people in the face of economic and political challenges.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also said that China would like to express its heartfelt congratulations to Bolivia on the smooth holding of the general election and Mr. Arce’s victory in the election. China and Bolivia have long maintained good cooperative relations. We believe that in the future, China-Bolivia relations will achieve even greater development for the betterment of the two peoples.