The results of New Zealand’s general election ballot are in, and incumbent Prime Minister Adeane won by a landslide margin

According to Global News, New Zealand’s general election results have been released, and incumbent New Zealand Prime Minister Aden has completely overwhelmed her opponent’s vote share, winning by a landslide of 49.1%, and her own party holds more than half of the 64 seats out of the country’s 120 seats, which also indicates that Aden’s party has gained the ability to govern independently, this kind of The situation is also the first for New Zealand in 24 years.

For the people of New Zealand, they are also very supportive of the result because Adeane has become the third female leader in New Zealand’s history since she led her Labour Party to electoral success in 2017, and although Adeane has faced many challenges since coming to power, she has shown a high level of competence in handling issues, giving New Zealanders timely reassurance and winning widespread praise and recognition from the country’s people.

The election result was well received

In the past few years, Ardern has been able to gain a lot of support in the country due to her performance in dealing with the various problems in New Zealand, which has a triennial parliamentary election and the Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the most seats in parliament.

In 2017, Adejean led the Labour Party to become the largest party in terms of seats, and she became the Prime Minister of New Zealand herself.

For example, in dealing with the mosque terrorist incident, she immediately adjusted the New Zealand’s gun law, controlling the number of guns and the types of lethality in New Zealand, which played a positive role in calming people’s fears and safety.

During the new coronavirus epidemic, she promptly sounded the domestic air-raid alert, and declared a state of emergency when the number of people affected in New Zealand was less than 100, which saved New Zealand and effectively contained the development of the epidemic in the next few months.
In the second wave of the global epidemic, the New Zealand epidemic also rebounded, but the prime minister’s quick adjustment of strategy brought the epidemic under control again. It’s fair to say that Adejean’s talent and ability to govern is evident, so this election result was expected and well-deserved. But the new challenges she faces are still on the way.

Adeen will face new challenges

Although previously, on many issues, Ardern has shown excellent ability to govern, but as the new crown epidemic continues to develop, the possibility of the country’s economy facing a recession has become inevitable, and New Zealand is unlikely to stay out of it, despite the fact that New Zealand is now under control and orderly, and life has largely recovered, but New Zealand’s tourism industry has been hit harder, and tourism is also a large source of income for New Zealand, and combined with the continued downturn in the domestic economy, it will be up to Ardern to solve the future of New Zealand’s breakdowns.