Who is at risk for cardiovascular disease?

From the looks of it, there are three categories.

  1. Those with dark red lips, face and eyes.
  2. Those with severe hair loss.

There are two categories of people in terms of their personal habits and living conditions.

  1. Those who often stay up late or suffer from chronic insomnia.
  2. Persons who are constantly in a depressed or angry mood.

Why are people with dark red lips and face prone to cardiovascular disease?

because the liver harbors blood and dominates color, and dark red lips, face, and eyes means that our blood is thicker and more prone to bruising.

Why are people with severe hair loss prone to cardiovascular disease?

Who is at risk for cardiovascular disease?

Because the liver harbors blood, blood is sufficient for hair to flourish (hair is the surplus of blood – Huang Di Nei Jing). If there is not enough blood in the liver, the liver yin will become dry and the bile fire will become inflamed, so on the one hand, there is not enough blood and the hair will not grow fast enough, on the other hand, the bile fire burns and the hair will fall out more, so there will be more serious hair loss.

The same deficiency of blood in the liver and inflammation of the bile fire will cause the city gate to catch fire and the bile fire will disturb the pericardial phase fire, which will affect the palace and the heart and cause heart disease.

Almost all heart diseases are related to this.

Why are people who stay up late or suffer from chronic insomnia more prone to cardiovascular disease?
Who is at risk for cardiovascular disease?
As a result of staying up late or having insomnia, there is a common result of not resting at the sub-hour.

Tzu Hour is the time when the Gall Bladder Meridian runs. The full name of the Gall Bladder Meridian, the Shaoyang Gall Bladder Meridian, is the Phase Fire, and this meridian runs from the head to the feet, and the Phase Fire is meant to travel down into the Kidneys to warm the Kidneys and create the energy to recycle and become the Yang energy in the Kidneys.

If there is no rest at the time of Zi, then the phase fire will not travel smoothly downward into the Kidneys, resulting in two results.

  1. Kidney-Yang deficiency.

Kidney Yang deficiency is the fundamental source of many chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, is one of them.

2, phase fire up disturbance.

The bile fire up disturbance, the same gas seeking, will even perturb the pericardial phase fire, the pericardium is disturbed, it endangers the heart, the heart attack is just around the corner.

Also: staying up all night or insomnia, with hair loss, has a direct link to, and at the same time has a target leading to cardiovascular disease.

Why are people who are often emotionally depressed or angry prone to cardiovascular disease?

Who is at risk for cardiovascular disease?
Because of repression and anger, both are unhappy. Liver is wood, and it is Shunda and peaceful.

When emotions are depressed, the Liver Wood cannot be Shu Da, and if the Liver Wood is not Shu Da, it cannot produce the Heart Fire well, which causes weak-type dizziness, panic attacks and palpitations, and people are sickly and unhappy.

Anger, which is a major eruption caused by depression of the Liver Wood, is like a volcanic eruption, which can cause sudden heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhages and so on.

So how do we protect ourselves from cardiovascular disease?
First of all, emotional adjustment is part of the cultivation of the body.

What kind of person is prone to cardiovascular disease?
This is everyone’s own homework, although not good qualitative and quantitative, but we need to know at least “a peaceful mind, the body is very important”, so that when angry, someone to advise us, we can listen to it.

Secondly, try not to stay up late.

Who is prone to cardiovascular disease?
The high incidence of cardiovascular disease and sudden death is directly related to the fact that people nowadays stay up all night.

If we are because of the ideal, in order to work, to make some pay, but also worth, but also to calculate the proportion of pay and return; Moreover, there are many late night is in the “practice, entertainment”, it is more than enough.

Finally, healthy eating is also very important.

Excessive consumption of spicy, fried foods and other dry foods will affect the quality of blood, resulting in liver yin deficiency and cardiovascular effects.

For example, now autumn, it is recommended to put these spicy, fried food to stop, eat more silver fungus, pear, water chestnuts and other nourishing things, the body and mind are good help.